51% is not a mandate

Some of my more brilliant remarks get buried in someone else’s Facebook posts. Here’s but one of them in response to a discussion about this article in relation to the election:


The way I see it, The GOP lost big not because the majority were so much in love with Obama, but because the GOP has yet to shake itself free of the social-agenda-nutjobs hell-bent on turning this country into a “Christian state.” These numb-nuts get far too much press and airtime, and end up scaring the bejeezus out of people who would otherwise benefit from what is arguably a more rational economic program. Women end up voting with their vaginas instead of their purses, and who could blame them? When you have delusional types like Aiken and assertions about “legitimate rape,” it only further destroys the GOP brand, already wrecked from 8 years of W.

The GOP has GOT to marginalize this faction. Tell the religious Right, the abortion nuts, the science deniers to take a hike. It MUST focus like a laser beam on economic issues. The fringe controled the primaries, and for better than a year, the whole country got to hear Santorum, Bachman, et. al. act as mouth pieces for the party. And Romney had to play along.

I don’t care what you might think of Romney, but my main problem with him was that he couldn’t seem to stand firm about anything. He refused to run on the record from his ONLY term in political office. By the time he kind of figured it out, it was too late.

If you cannot or will not run on your record, then goddammit, don’t run.

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  1. Thank you, Randy. You are absolutely right on all counts here. But will the nutjobs accept their correction?

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