A glass of beebly

Facebook revamped their Groups feature, which has instantly turned it into a major pain in the ass for anyone (such as myself) who joined more than two. Suddenly, I receive messages from all the members of these groups, many of which I’ve forgotten. You have to manually turn off emails for each active group, and they suddenly come alive because if they don’t, Facebook shuts them down. Another mess made in the name of giving advertisers greater access to you. Welcome to the Matrix.

I received a call from my mechanic yesterday, thanking me for my letter and to ask a few diner related questions. Well, I guess if my VW hadn’t broken down so often, I wouldn’t have the pleasure of talking cars and diners with Howard from Wagenwerx. He also gave my new purchase a resounding vote of confidence, saying I should have none of the reliability problems I experienced with my Jetta. And in fact, yes, I did write him a letter of thanks for his expert service, and if I have any reason regretting not getting a VW, it’s because I can’t use Howard for service.

Can there seriously be calls of injustice over the killing of Osama bin Laden? Forgive me if I fail to shed a tear for our failure to grant him his due process rights. Next topic.