Acada-beeb Awards

Ongoing Oscar commentary…

So far, the worst in memory. James Franco has the personality of a dripping faucet.

Very cool that Trent Reznor won. Who da thunk it.

Cate Blanchett is wearing a giant doily.

Ann Hathaway has a standing rack roast on her head.

Oh good. Oprah Winfrey. Nothing is worthwhile without her presence.

Thank you Adrian Brody for reminding us all what an Oscar can get you. A starring role in a really bizarre beer commercial.

Luke Matheny: so far the funniest line all night.

It’s official: the inventor of autotune must die.

Oprah has an inner tube around her chest!

Suddenly the show got good. Thanks Billy.

Wife just said, “I see dead actors.”

Anyone keeping score on the number of Anne Hathaway’s dress changes?

Smile Sandy!

Oh oh. Natalie Portman is heading into Jonathan Demme territory.

Please not James Franco.

Yay Colin.

Anne and James, don’t quit your day jobs.