I find myself ambivalent about the whole gun issue at least in this sense: I do not think that people should be arming themselves to the point where they can take down a platoon of cops.

On the other hand, I think that if you are brave enough to strip the emotion that rages on this subject and look at the actual facts, you will see that most of the gun violence takes place with the use of illegal guns. More laws doesn’t change that. We have plenty of history that says so.

The tragedies we’ve seen in Newtown, Aurora, and other places were perpetrated by people with serious mental issues, and we as a society have failed to deal with this. People prone to violence will commit violence if left to their own devices. If we have no systemic way to deal with these individuals, then we will see these tragedies, guns or no guns.

The worst school massacre took place in 1927 by who killed nearly 40 people, destroyed an entire school, and more, and never fired a shot.

What I fear more than guns is the emotional response to a problem. After 9/11, our knee-jerk response to the threat of terrorism gave us the Patriot Act. Three trillion dollars later, and the ability for the Feds to conduct warrantless wiretaps and all kinds of other surveillance on its citizens, do you feel any safer or more proud to be an American?