“Android OS is a joke”

There are many reasons I love my iPhone, but one of the biggest is this: When I buy an iPhone and Apple says that an update is coming, I know that it will arrive. When Google updates Android, you have to wonder if it will ever arrive on your phone. So when you go out and buy an Android phone, how can you ever be sure you’re getting the right one?

The last thing I would like to speak on is all those Android updates that never seem to make it to your phone. Remember back in December of last year about the all-new Android Gingerbread? Well, it seems that It’s taking manufacturers like HTC almost a whole year to get the updates to phones like mine. And then after all that testing, there’s still a bunch of stuff broken or incompatible on the new OS. Then Google announced those special update plans that is in cooperation with many of their manufacturers. While It’s great that they’re trying to fix the many problems that they’ve made, there have been no developments that I’ve seen since that day.

via What’s wrong with Android – paper mail.