Another birthday…

…another war in the Middle East. We invaded Iraq about this time back in 2003. Don’t make me dread this day any more than I have to. The onset of spring means the flowers and tomahawk missiles are in bloom.

My dear friend Julie sent me this link. As I write, I haven’t finished watching it, but I will. The TED conference usually turns up lots of interesting information. I suspect this is no different.

Regarding Japan: Correct me if I’m wrong, but as I read the course of events there related to the ongoing nuclear situation, it seems that the plant and its reactors survived the earthquake just fine. The problem arose when the tsunami knocked out the emergency power to the cooling pumps. Doesn’t this beg the question: Why did they build these things facing the open sea? Had they built these reactors on the other side of the island, we wouldn’t have this problem. Can someone answer this for me?

Because my aforementioned car has a turbo, it requires that I put premium gasoline in it. Yesterday, I noticed that one station near my house now charges $4.00 per gallon for premium.

Last night, Louise and I watched “The Fighter.” Yes, Christian Bale gave a transcendent performance worthy of his Oscar, and he even did pretty well with the very hard-to-master eastern Massachusetts accent. Amy Adams, not so much, but who cares? With her looks, she could have burped her way through the performance. Still, the movie had Martin Scorsese all over it, especially the soundtrack and they way they used it. Generally I loved the movie, but the scene where the movie’s Greek chorus of sibling hair-hoppers pile into the car to rumble with Amy Adams veered into absurdist territory. Having lived in that area, those characters looked all-too-familiar to me, although the movie presented them as caricature. Marky Mark should have known better. Ultimately, a fine rental.