Sarah Palin targets a Congresswoman

Yet another awful event that serves as a tragic backdrop to the ongoing decline in our civic discourse took place in Tuscon today. Immediately, people started pointing at Sarah Palin and reposting the map removed from her website that used gunsight crosshairs as symbols targeting congressional districts that didn’t fall to the Tea Party.

If you didn’t think of Sarah Palin as a life-form so low that ants could piss on her, then what will it take to convince you?

Okay, maybe that’s a tad harsh. I’m sure that across the dinner table, she makes a fine guest and that she minds her manners, but these incendiary tactics by major public officials and media spokespersons have got to stop.

Okay, sure, First Amendment rights, blah, blah, blah. Palin didn’t pull the trigger. Yeah, whatever.

When you’re standing in a room with gasoline all over the floor, the stupidest thing you can possibly do is light a match — especially when there is a NINE YEAR OLD GIRL IN THE GODDAMN ROOM.

I don’t want to see Palin harmed. I just want her (and her ilk) off the national political stage once and for all. The future of the Republic depends on it.

Arizona Rep. Giffords Shot At Public Event In Tucson : NPR.