Bee beeb, beeb beeb-a-ran

Time to say good-bye?

Looks like the time has come to start the search for a new car. The Jetta has 139,000 miles and about every six months, it bleeds me of at least five or six hundred dollars in repairs. This comes after replacing the transmission a few years ago ($3500). I’m looking at a future of nothing but pain with this car.

Last night I discovered yet another excellent blog about my former stomping grounds in Western, Massachusetts. Tommy Devine seems to base himself in the Northampton, Massachusetts vicinity, but he writes at length about the corrupt cesspool that is otherwise known as Springfield, Massachusetts, the city where I grew up. Tommy writes like few others out there, and I deeply appreciate his in-depth accounts of some of that city’s more infamous recent historical events. Visit it here.

Eighty degrees outside, and we are grilling pizza on the smoker!