It looks like we will finally be taking my idea of a dream vacation this summer: A cabin in the woods on a quiet lake with nothing to do but read and walk in the woods. Took me five years of searching, but I think I finally found the place. I will be completely off the grid. I salivate at the prospect.

Today, I taught my dentist all about Chumbawumba. Their major radio hit “Tubthumping” came on his otherwise awful radio station, and he assumed it was a one-hit-wonder. The band, I told him, had been around since the 1980s, though I hadn’t heard much from them since their album Wysiwig. Turns out, they’ve probably put out another five or so albums since then, but they’ve turned into folkies! Gone are the driving beats I loved about these guys. Guess that’s what happens when anarchists strike it rich. Read all about it at their Wikipedia entry or at their own website.

I want the new Macbook. I want the new iPad. And I’ll probably want the new iPhone.

My Phillies season tix are on the way. My loins tingle with anticipation.