Beeball, you bet!

I continue my ongoing campaign to stick it to the man. Last Thursday, I found ways to port video off my jailbroken iPhone so that I can watch the baseball feed from the At Bat 2011 app. Yay me.

Just got the car back from the mechanic, and today I find a coolant leak. I was thinking that I might have that disease that afflicts mostly men who can’t seem to give up up on their lost-cause automobiles. I’ve yet to drive a car (in my price range) that gives me anything near the satisfaction I get from driving my Jetta.

“Atlas Shrugged” has finally come out as a movie. I haven’t seen it, and I want to like it, but I’m more or less certain it’s awful in much the same way as the film version of “The Fountainhead.” You simply cannot take a 1200-page novel rich with provocative ideas and make a movie for only $10 million. I’ve read that the script makes the huge mistake of lifting  dialogue verbatim from the book. Critics have railed against the wooden dialogue of Rand’s characters, but I’ve always read her stories with the assumption that people thought these things, they could never actually say them. A gifted director (with an ample budget) could do something truly great with this story, but this all sounds like film school dreck. The long history of this project once pinned Michael Cimino’s name to it, which after watching the unjustly maligned “Heaven’s Gate,” could have produced a major cinematic achievement. But not a bunch of D-listers with a budget unfit for a YouTube production. I’ll bet this domain that part II never sees the light of day.