Beheading the princess myth

I abhor this insidious Disney marketing push, and if I had my way, I’d never expose my daughter to it. I agree that it irreparably tampers with a little girl’s wiring and the measure of her self-worth, but this woman’s arguments don’t quite cut it. Both the author of this piece and the author she features provide nothing but the flimsiest arguments to state their case.

For me, this is purely instinctual, and no, that wouldn’t hold up under scrutiny either, but if I’m looking for ammunition in this fight, I won’t get it here.

Princess myth may be misleading our girls | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/08/2011

Orenstein admits no evidence shows a direct causal link between the princess cult and, say, low self-esteem in girls. But, she writes, there is “ample evidence that the more mainstream media girls consume, the more importance they place on being pretty and sexy.” A further batch of studies shows “teenage girls and college students who hold conventional beliefs about femininity – especially those that emphasize beauty and pleasing behavior – are less ambitious and more likely to be depressed than their peers. They are also less likely to report that they enjoy sex or insist that their partners use condoms.”

via Princess myth may be misleading our girls | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/08/2011.