Capn Transit Rides Again: Whats driving Joel Kotkin?

I read a lot of Kotkin, mainly to get a sense of the other team’s playbook, but I’m happy to see that Cap’n Transit does much of the same thing.

People drive cars today, in my mind, because for most of us, there’s no better way to get around. We’ve effectively built a fully subsidized system of transportation predicated on its use. We’ve made it impractical in most cases to retrofit our developed landscape into something more sensible. It’ll take a minor cataclysm to effect any change, I’m afraid, leaving a lot of built real estate to decay.

Despite the torrent of words that Kotkin has unleashed over the years, his argument is fairly simple: the American poor and middle class want houses and cars, and they want wealth and status. This will make them happy. Houses and cars mmhmmm wealth and status. Urbanists want to keep them from getting houses and cars. Therefore, urbanists are keeping the poor and middle class from their wealth and status! Theyre standing between the people and their happiness!

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