Charlie and Doris

Doris and Charlie Reagan

Since the death of my mother last April, I’ve sifted through the piles of photographs she left behind, scanning those I think will interest friends and family and posting them on Flickr. This particular photo shows friends of my mother’s, Charlie and Doris Regan as newlyweds in their new apartment in Palmer, Massachusetts in about 1951 or so. Doris was my mom’s best friend at the time and Charlie was the recently released serviceman who moved up from Tennessee to be with her.

I always loved this photo, because aside from pictures of young parents with their newborns, few things depict hope for the future than two young people in love. In this particular image, we see a very blue collar couple starting out with next to nothing, but who nevertheless look forward to a happy life filled with fulfilled promises and realized dreams. This could be the set for “The Honeymooners.”

In fact, Doris and Charlie did go on to raise two children and have a prosperous life. Charlie owned his own construction services business and though Doris worked with Mom in various mills and sweatshops through much of the 1950s and 1960s, she eventually settled into a happy existence as a homemaker. Both Charlie and Doris are now deceased.