Did Facebook give away my cell phone number?

The other day, I received my first-ever sales call on my cell phone. Because I didn’t recognize the number, I didn’t pick up, but the automated call left a message advertising some service. In my 12 years owning a cell phone, I had never received such a call before, and I have to wonder how my number ended up on that list. Believe me, I put Facebook in my ten most wanted suspects.

The process of extracting mobile phone numbers of potential marks, which used to be a matter of social engineering trickery, might now be done much more easily. Users would still need to give permission for third-party Facebook applications to access this personal contact data but this has become a matter of fooling someone into clicking a dialogue box rather than the trickier process of hoodwinking them into typing in their mobile phone number.

via Creepy as hell: Facebook developers get to know you better • The Register.