Exercise bikes for toddlers are a terrible idea

I’d like to find everyone in that meeting that approved this “toy”, fire them with great humiliation, and make it so they never work in this business again.

First, the idea that a kid is going to stay in one place and exercise while watching a screen is ludicrous at the outset, but to even suggest that this presents an alternative to actual, out-in-the-world activity bespeaks of tragic intellectual diminishment.

Adults these days use these things because they no longer lead active lifestyles by default. They drive everywhere, sit at desks all day, and then subject themselves to these torture devices to compensate. This toy is a further sign that we’ve kind of given up — in more ways than one. Wall-E, here we come.

Now our 4-year-olds can look just like mommy on her elliptical machine at the gym, trying to distract herself with CNN while she sweats out another five minutes of interval training. What could be wrong with that?Everything.

Source: Exercise bikes for toddlers are a terrible idea | New York Post