Facebook vs. Google+

This is an email I just sent to a friend who asked for my take on the social wars going on between Facebook and Google+

The timeline thing is rather scary, actually. FB is going to release code that everyone can put into their websites that tracks back to FB and puts all your web activity into that timeline. That great big sucking sound you’ll then hear is all your online activity flowing back to Mark Zuckerberg’s advertisers. It promises to be a real sea change on how people will make money on the web.

Frankly, it concerns me because I don’t trust Zuckerberg. I think he’s nothing but a punk who’s making it up as he goes along. After his first wave of success, he can afford to put people around him to obscure his true intentions. This whole “tell the story of your life” bullshit is just a scheme to more effectively deliver brains to advertisers. It’s insidious and genius, but I think that it may collapse under its own weight due to the fact that his engineering is substandard.

It is for that reason that I prefer Google. Google’s intentions may be similar, but I trust Google to at least not screw up and deliver information to the wrong place. Already there’s a huge rash of email hacking going on that I suspect has to do with Facebook linking using crappy software.

Anyway, I like G+ more right now because it’s a better interface and it’s more easily controlled. You can’t dismiss either, though, especially if you have a message to get out there. The audience is just too large to dismiss. Frankly, right now, you should be doing both if you really care about getting out your message. You really don’t have a choice.

Finally, you can link your G+ feed to your FB feed. I cross post all the time. It also goes to your Twitter feed, so you can cover all your bases.

Resistance if futile.