Gang of Four, the review

Gang of Four returns, in good form | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/07/2011.

Yes, an excellent show, although the band stumbled through “I love a man in uniform,” their biggest “hit.” The chorus just isn’t the same when sung by men. Also, their set list included a couple of real dogs from albums I don’t think I have.

This review reads like a rehash of the Wikipedia article about the band. I’ve come to think that Andy Gill may be one of the most underrated guitarists in the biz, and probably the best of the post-punk era at least.

They also didn’t play anything from “Mall” or “Hard,” two of their best albums, in my estimation, but I finally got to scratch off one more band I wish I had seen when we were both more relevant. John looked like a moonlighting accountant, and Andy now looks like one of the record company executives he probably spat upon in his youth.

To me, “Mall” was an unexpected surprise. Though it doesn’t seem all that long a stretch now, the period between 1983 and 1991 when they issued “Mall” seemed like a lifetime. Their contemporaries like the Jam, the Clash, etc., had long evaporated into music history, I thought. Then again, I saw the Buzzcocks play a show in a basement at Clark University in Worcester in 2001. I stood about 10 feet from the “stage,” at the time and shook hands with the band when they finished their set.

Still, I enjoyed the show, even the openers, and I don’t remember seeing a fist fight breaking out.