Get ’em while they’re young, girls

“It was just intended to suggest to these women who are on campus today, again, keep an open mind. Look around you. These are the best guys,” Patton said. “If the womens movement has done what it has supposed to do, it should enable all women to make whatever choices are appropriate for them, even if their choices are seemingly retrogressive.”

via Princeton Alumna Susan Patton Urges Women to Snag Husband on Campus Before Graduating | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!.

Based only on the Yahoo article, I interpret her remarks as basically this: Don’t stray from your tribe. There’s a good reason all those people are at a place like Princeton: They likely share your values, income level, outlook on life, AND your level of intelligence.

I look back on my days at UMass, and I was probably never again exposed to such a large pool of interesting, like-minded, and attractive women, but it’s hardly an absolute. There’s plenty of exceptions to that rule, but once you’re out into the world, making those connections becomes, in my experience, that much more difficult.

That said, had I married at 21, I would surely be divorced at least once by now, and probably not a whole lot better off.