My iPad for a Surface? Are you kidding me?

The gist is that if you have an iPad 2, 3, or 4 that is “gently” used, Microsoft will give you no less than $200 in store credit. And once you jettison that tablet, you’ll want another, right? Guess what? Microsoft wants to sell you one of its own.

This is the case because Microsoft has far too many Surface 1.0 models in stock.

via Give Microsoft Your iPad, And They’ll (All But) Give You A Surface | TechCrunch.

This is an absolute riot. Looks like the chickens have finally come home to roost for Microsoft. After two decades of making shoddy products that Microsoft forced upon people thanks to their monopoly position, now they can’t give them away.

This is simply pathetic, but I shed no tears. I lost two months of my career trying to set up a Microsoft small business server. Every time I booted up a PC with any version of Windows, I muttered expletives under my breath until I shut it down.

Well, it had to happen, I guess, but frankly, I didn’t think it’d be at the hands of Apple. Thanks to Ballmer’s “retirement”, the internet has seen plenty of retrospectives covering his failures. I read every one with glee.