Government doesn’t “compete” with private business. Government destroys it.

Apparently, too many have yet to learn an important lesson in American economic history, which is that whenever government rushes in to fix a “problem” on behalf of constituents, it ends up warping the market. The result almost always means its ultimate destruction and then takeover. See transit. See education. And now, watch as the health care industry, one that government has been heavily entrenched with since World War II, gets unraveled by government “competition.”

If you think this is a good idea, go ride a train in this country. Try to find an affordable college. And now, try to find affordable health care that actually makes you feel good.

Fair and open competition between the government and the private market was always a fiction. The government handicapped the whole game in its favor from the start. Obamacare was initially written with a public option, and was always intended to funnel people to it. Except now, conveniently, instead of always being there to drive protesting insurers out of the market more slowly, the public option can be dropped in as an affordable “savior” for people who have wat

Source: Why the public option is freaking evil and we should kill it with fire