I’d invite you all

I don’t like Facebook much. I think Zuckerberg is a disingenuous creep. I hold out much hope for Google+, but not so much because of my distrust of Zucky-boy, but because I appreciate the value of sound engineering. Google knows how to engineer this stuff, and it looks like it got it right this time.

This review is from David Pogue at the NYT:

But there’s one towering, brilliant difference: Circles.

On Google+, you put the people of your life’s different social circles into — well, into Circles. That is, groups. Categories. Google starts you off with empty circles called Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Following people you don’t know, but want to follow, as you would on Twitter. It’s a piece of cake to add new ones. They can be tiny circles “Granny and Gramps” or big ones “Family Tree”, organization-based “Fantasy League Buddies” or arbitrary “Annoying People”.

via Google+ Gets a Leg Up on Facebook – NYTimes.com.