Knee jerking

During a 1991 mortar attack on 10 Downing Street, then-prime-minister John Major reportedly said to his staff after surviving the near-miss, “I think we had better start again, somewhere else.”

If I admire anything about the British, I revel in their indomitable attitude in the face of tragedy. I think of that quote whenever something like the events of yesterday take place and the media fans out in search of reaction. We end up hearing a lot of crying and navel gazing, but I wonder how many times the reporter passed over the guy who said simply, “It’s an awful thing that three died, but we’ll be fine,” and moved on to find dinner.

I expect the authorities to find the rotted soul who carried out the act, but sadly, I also expect that our leaders will begin the process of parading the emotional to help pass more restrictive laws. We’ve spent trillions on “Homeland Security,” and yet this bombing still happened. Meanwhile, our country is blanketed by cameras, our travel is choked by checkpoints, and our private correspondences are much less so.

When the dog escaped from the house last Sunday through the door that my daughter failed to close properly, I didn’t say to my wife, “Well, I guess we better get rid of that door.” We need that door. The lesson learned by my daughter is simply this: Make double sure she closes it when the dog is inside.