Kunstler: “The emptiest election contest in memory”

After excoriating Romney as an “empty vessel,” Jim goes on to say:

It happens that his opponent, Mr. Obama, is a genial fellow with whom almost anyone might like to have a beer. Despite his winning smile, though, the president has managed to cripple due process of law, make war on the nations own citizens, let Wall Street criminals run amok, and sell out the electoral process to a corrupt corporate oligarchy. I wouldnt vote for him again if he water-boarded me in a Jacuzzi full of Schorschbräus Schorschbock 57 beer $275 a bottle. But hes welcome to come over to my house and watch the baseball playoffs if he brings his own six-pack and a bag of Cheetos.

via In Full Flight – Clusterfuck Nation.

No one values the importance of voting more than me, but I’m seriously considering sitting out this one. I do plan on voting Libertarian, but if I have something better to do on election day, it’ll be no great loss. Except that it will be the greatest loss this nation has ever faced: The choice between nothing and nowhere.