Locked out of the iCloud

Tonight, I found myself locked out of my iCloud account. This is bad, because without a valid account, I could not only not check my email, but I couldn’t use any of my iCloud-related services or apps. I couldn’t download updates to apps I had purchased through the Apple App Store (as if I could get them from anywhere else.)

The exact message I received was that my “account was disabled for security purposes.” My first thought was that someone hacked my account and absconded with my information, passwords, and god knows whatever else.

So I began the recovery process. When I got the notice about my account being disabled, I went to reset everything. Because I have two-step verification, I had to enter my Recovery Key, but the system didn’t take it. That was bad, because if I couldn’t get this resolved, I would have lost the account forever.

Apple has a system where you make an appointment for them to call you, and fortunately, they had a slot available for  8pm tonight. A very nice woman called, but when I explained my situation, she sounded extremely puzzled and concerned about what I told her. The Recovery Key keeps them, as the woman said, out of the loop on this.

While I was on hold, I remembered a similar problem I had with a banking website not taking my pin. The bank’s Tech support suggested I turn off Last Pass, my password manager which I have in my Chrome browser. However, I at first remembered it only as a Chrome problem, so I launched Safari, which does not  have LastPass activated, and the Recovery Key worked.

All works fine now.