Meet the beebles

Why does Parade Magazine even bother to publish? I’m old enough to remember when the Sunday supplement came triple-stitched and in true magazine style, and actually had some real information. This Sunday’s edition had only 16 tiny pages, and they even shrunk the Personality Parade to roughly three-quarters of the page. And another thing: Who’s Walter Scott? Does he really exist?

blue butterflies
Blue Butterflies, 2011. Many team members missing. Probably down at the shore.

With the close of T-Ball season today, I face the prospect that my daughter will probably not become a fan of baseball anytime soon. I don’t follow too many professional sports, but I love baseball. I hope that my only child and I might bond over it, but I may have to look for some other activity. Too bad I’m well-past my stuffed animal phase.

And to make matters worse, I have to watch the Phillies play while my daughter tells me that she “hates the Phillies.” Please assure me that a six-year-old knows not of which she speaks quite yet. She was probably upset that the game was eating into her own movie time. Tonight’s feature: The Incredible Mr. Limpet, the last animated feature produced by Warner Brothers before they broke up their animation studio. Incredibly, I read tonight that a remake is in the works.