Lasting gifts

I received this mug for Christmas from my dear friend Julie way, way back in 1983 (I think). It has a companion in blue, but for whatever reason, I prefer the red. I almost lost this mug once when a roommate accidentally knocked it out of a second story window. Luckily, it fell in the three-foot strip of grass and shrubs between our building and the concrete sidewalk.

I’ve waxed on about the classic diner mug in Roadside and to whomever might listen, but in any given morning, you’ll see this mug in front of me as I read the paper.

Thanks again, Julie. I treasure most the gifts that last.

4 thoughts on “Lasting gifts

  1. Was that the year of Binky and the suck-it-up-from-the-bottom coffee maker?

    Anyway, glad it worked out. Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Dunno about Binky, but I do remember that cool vacuum process coffee maker. Would love to try that again.

  3. What, no stamp shown or manufacturer mentioned?
    Put an upload button on the comment box and I’ll show you my usual morning company!

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