Netflix: ISPs who charge by the gigabyte are ridiculous

In the earlier days of the internet, about the turn of this century, I kept reading articles about the ongoing deployment of fiber optic cables across the country. I’d read about how one tiny strand of fiber about the width of a human hair, by itself could transmit the entire contents of Library of Congress several times a minute with plenty of bandwidth left over. This was during a time when AOL made major headlines by offering unlimited internet access for $20/month.

At the time, I installed a second phone line just to dial into the network, and it stayed on constantly. DSL came along and with it faster speeds. It cost more, but it allowed me to drop the second line, so the eventual cost didn’t go up that much for me.

We’ve pretty much finished with that fiber deployment, and the cost of transmission continues to decline. After all, we paid for the infrastructure by now. Despite this, instead of encouraging us to move even more of our communications to the internet, the access companies are trying to both throttle and profit it from it even more.

I’m pretty damn sick of this. I don’t want to hear any more about limits to access.

Read about Netflix’s issues with ISPs here:

Netflix: ISPs who charge by the gigabyte are ridiculous.