Obama lame-o ding dong

Though I’m getting a little weary of Kunstler’s energy-related doomsday prognostications, I’m in complete agreement with his assessment of Obama’s failure to prosecute Wall Street malfeasance and his callous regard for constitutional guaranteed liberties. He really doesn’t deserve a second term, though Romney deserves his first even less.

Not included in the State of the Union message was any reference to the provision in the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act that allows the US government to suspend due process of law and use the military to arrest and indefinitely detain US citizens on vague and opportunistic charges of “suspicion” You will remember a month ago when Mr. Obama signed the law and issued a “signing statement” that said his administration would not carry out these specific provisions. Did anyone notice that it is an impeachable offense for the president to state his opposition to enforcing the law? In which case, why isnt there a bill of impeachment making its way through Congress right now?

via Jive Talkin – Clusterfuck Nation.