Obama proves the tragedy of eight years of W

Can someone please explain to me how George Dub-ya Bush overlooked the construction of a huge, heavily fortified compound in East Bumfuck, Pakistan, less than ninety miles north of Islamabad and only about two hundred miles from the Afghanistan border? You want to think that in the past ten years, the CIA might have documented the exact coordinates of just about every grain of sand in that region through the use of spy satellites and drone aircraft, and yet they couldn’t figure out that maybe, just maybe, a goddamn compound with 18-foot-high walls and no telephone or internet service might possibly be meant for something other than a “warehouse.”

Exactly what were these Bush administration idiots doing while this massive fortification was under construction? Did they think this was an Islamic Club Med? Given the location, for what other possible purpose might it serve other than to house the greatest and most evil terrorist that ever lived?

The events of the past couple of days also put into perspective the utter waste of time, money, and humanity that we destroyed in Iraq. Along comes Obama, who gives the order for a couple dozen Navy Seals to swoop down and pump lead into the guy’s brain. Game over. All at a cost, I remind you, of a mere fraction of what we’ve spent on this so-called “War on Terrorism.” This should have happened in Bush’s first term. We should have had Bin Laden in Tora Bora, but no. Bush and his band of merry men decided that instead the local militias should get him. Oops, he gets away. Oh well. Lets go after Saddam instead.

Anyone who dares to entertain the notion that history will look kindly upon the Bush II administration will be someone who has never lived through it. In those eight years, we saw our global prestige, our economy, and our very soul plundered for no good reason whatsoever except to make his cronies richer than they will ever, ever need to be.

And I will never be able to apologize to my daughter enough for what we have done to her generation.