Our nation out to pasture

So much for fun on Facebook. People are losing their minds over what is really the end result of decades of abuses of power combined with the dumbing down of the populace — yes, the entire populace. While we instinctively know there is something wrong, we have separated into our own tribes, falling victim to the echo chamber. These chambers of paranoia tell us that Washington is against you and for the other guy. In fact, Washington is for itself and against anyone who stands in its way.

This is the danger of centralized power, and I’m seeing it in a very micro sense right here in my little Borough. Self-serving, “well-meaning” citizens acting on behalf of the “community”, who have no issue whatsoever taking my money and spending on what they think works best, all without giving me the benefit of an actual voice.

Most of the rest of the sheep around here are more or less content, because they think that “well, this is how it has to work,” “or more stupidly, “this is the price of a civilized society”. Meanwhile, that price goes up and the civility goes down. These sheep in my town see themselves part of the same tribe — “progressive” liberal types who chose to live here because its filled with other “progressive” liberal types, run by “progressive” liberal types. No matter that these volunteers have no friggin’ idea about what they’re doing and who are happy to listen to Council President and have her lead them by the nose. It’s all just more happy horseshit. Sorry, I ain’t buyin’ it.

You will see something similar in Conservative communities, especially those dominated by their religious leaders. People who will not think for themselves and who will not leave others alone. No thank you.

What is happening here in Jenkintown is what has happened to the country — finally. The lessons of Watergate are long lost to time it seems, but the one thing that the Morally Correct (MC) remember is that Nixon was a REPUBLICAN! (Cue the scary music)! Never mind that Nixon founded the EPA and wrote the first draft for Obamacare and signed legislation that subsidized my mother’s mortgage (while balancing the budget, I might add).

Everyone’s circling the wagons to protect themselves against everyone else, while ignoring the real enemy, which is the power that eggs them on and keeps the country divided. Littlefinger and his operatives clearly understand this, and adhere religiously to chaos theory. It’s all about ratings!

This fast-and-furious succession of crazy announcements is keeping everyone running from barricade to barricade. Meanwhile, the real damage is spreading, coursing through our veins. There will be no healing in this country. If people don’t get their heads out of their asses and take a hard look at history, we’re going to see discord for decades to come, and the rest of the world is just going to pass us by.

Friends tell me to walk out of the room when my kid has a tantrum. The world is going to do that to us.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”