If I had the power to just order things to be the way I think they should be I’d require some logical security responses like the armoring of cockpit doors that practically eliminated airliner hijacking as a threat then beyond that do little or nothing. A huge nation can absorb a blow or two and once It’s seen there’s no real impact on our culture the terrorists will go on to other, more compliant, targets.

But that’s not the way we seem to do things around here. Instead we throw trillions into byzantine security programs and overseas adventuring, most of it useless, then we try to blame others for the resultant debt. So any further suggestions I have for improving the peace must be mapped against that broader scene of government greed and stupidity.

via The terahertz revolution and local security – I, Cringely.

Cringely echoes my sentiments exactly. I anticipate someone calling for a ban on pressure cookers any minute now. You know it’s coming, which would be a real tragedy.

Some of my mother’s best meals came from a pressure cooker.