Park free or die

When I lived in Boston, I had an idea to start a service where for X dollars per month, you could tell me where you parked your car, how much time you put in the meter, and I would go around and feed it if it ran out.

But there are reasons “the state” uses parking meters, tickets and even tow trucks, according to Gary Lamoureux, Keene’s project manager for parking and the only city official to comment. “It’s to have turnover for the business owners in the downtown area,” he said. In other words, to support the marketplace.

I don’t buy the “turnover” argument to parking meters. They could just as easily put time limits on the space and tow/ticket you if you exceeded it. Parking meters are counterproductive, if you ask me.

via Libertarians Trail Meter Readers, Telling Town: Live Free or Else –