Police funerals gone wild

Yesterday, I just happened to find myself traveling in through the same area as the funeral procession for fallen police officer Bradley Fox. Fortunately for me, I was driving in the opposite direction. You may think I exaggerate, but I estimate that the line of police and fire vehicles probably stretched a good sixteen miles. It backed up traffic in all directions for many miles more.

The line traveled up east on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and up Route 1 through Langhorne, heading to Washington Crossing, blocking off interchanges and exits all along the route. It stretched so long, that large sections of the procession couldn’t keep up and split off from the main group, gumming up the works even more. I saw stragglers just east of Willow Grove.

As I passed by this massive display of vehicles and other equipment, I suggested to my passenger that it might be a good time to rob a bank, now that we now know where all the cops are.

We should pay our respects for the dead, and especially to those who fall in the line of duty. I get that. But did every police force and fire department from half of Pennsylvania and beyond have to send so many vehicles? Besides the disruption to travel and commerce this brought to an already extremely congested region, the display just seemed like a huge (and potentially dangerous) waste of resources. Why not just put everyone on buses that follow a more reasonable show of vehicular “respect.”