Postal suicide?


I really don’t get this one. Yesterday, I dropped a letter in my mailbox and raised the flag to signal the carrier that I had a pickup. Later that day, after the mailman made his delivery, as expected, the flag was down.

I didn’t expect I’d find the letter still in the box, and I really didn’t expect to see the stamp ripped off the letter as well. Did my mailman tamper with my mail? You can see in the image above the torn fibers around where I placed the new stamp.

My wife suggested that maybe some kid did that, but what kid cares about stamps today? Anyone younger than 20 doesn’t even know what a letter is and probably never mailed one.

Like everyone else, I do mail a lot fewer letters than I used to, and in fact, this one is actually an invoice to a client that does not have email. When I ran my magazine, the Postal Service got a fair share of business from me — thousands of dollars over ten-plus period. I’ve never seen anything like this, though.

Something new every day, it seems.