Random Beebs

It looks like the time has come to return to the gym. I just didn’t want to be one of those post-Christmas neophytes that feels compelled to buy a gym membership after the bloatfest. I signed up originally almost three years ago and went for two years straight, which I consider a major achievement in my life. I doubted I’d have the resolve, but I came to like the routine even if I barely lost an ounce. And yes, if I can do it, anyone can.

I took a nine-o’clock train into the city today, and found few seats on the three-car train. Gas prices have once again spiked well above three bucks a gallon here in Eastern Pennsylvania, which means demand for transit will go up, and also it (hopefully) means the value of my house will rise as well. We live about 300 yards by foot from the station. I love to hear the trains go by. The more the merrier.

To return to work, or not to return to work, that is the question.

Today, the child told us how to make snow: Put ice cubes in the toilet. Put your shoes in the bathtub. Wear your pajamas inside out. And do the snow dance. We should now get about three feet.

Just updated the WordPress iPhone app. Is it working yet?