Random Beebs

I am really liking this WordPress CMS, and again, I have to credit Jim Bunte for tipping me off. The interface for administrators is almost Mac-like in elegance, especially compared to Joomla.

Cecelia beat us at Sorry the other day. Good thing too. I can’t take another trip to the cornfield.

Going to New England this weekend to see college buddies. The impetus behind this gathering springs from some sad news, but it’s always good to get together, drink beer, and eat barbecue.

I know I said I’d build an Adirondack chair next, but I think I’ll make a router table first. I’m also thinking of building a bench for a breakfast nook. I’m going nuts here.

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think Steve Jobs will come back.

…and it’s now 7:36 p.m. and there goes the last of my energy for the night.