Random beebs

Few things taste quite as good as a chocolate covered graham cracker.

Yesterday, we saw “The King’s Speech.” No one quite does frustrated melancholy quite like Colin Firth, and here his brooding fires on all cylinders. Just a great film, especially for those, like me, who love period pieces. See it in a local theater, not some awful cineplex if you can possibly avoid it.

Typically, I avoid reading year-end lists.

I really think it’s time for Andy Rooney to finally retire. Last night’s commentary wondering why people wanted to have fun on New Years Eve and berating them for it pretty much sealed it for me. If it weren’t already obvious the guy no longer speaks for anyone younger than 70 years old, this sure proved it. Not that we go out and party anymore, but who in their right mind would use up three minutes of valuable network airtime to rail against fun?