Rich people sign my paycheck.

So, why would I want to take their money away?

Warren’s remarks epitomize the caricature of a progressive as someone who loves jobs but hates employers. She implies the captain of industry is simply sponging off society and hoarding the proceeds. But hiring workers is a huge social good. So is providing a funding basis for pensions, which generally rely on stock returns. So is creating products people want. Five bucks says Warren has a smartphone and a DVR and a bunch of other modern conveniences, and that she didn’t buy any of them with a gun to her head. So why is she so mad at the people who offered to sell them?

via Elizabeth Warrens Voodoo Economics – Reason Magazine.

Elizabeth Warren is running for senate in my old home state of Massachusetts. One should think she’s a shoe-in given her liberal politics, but if there’s one place where I sympathize with the Tea Party, it get the frustration over taxes and getting less in return. And the more I read, it does seem that a healthy percentage of them have expressed a willingness to see their services cut if their tax burden gets cut in kind.

That said, Warren went on the warpath about “the rich” again. But here’s the thing: I start from the basic premise that I am entitled to no one’s reward. Further, to me the whole concept of the “Social Contract” has about as much validity as original sin. If I didn’t ask for it, I don’t have to pay for it.