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Sketchers Alleycat

Is it worth resoling a pair of $50 shoes? A crack in the soles under both feet make for moist walking in all this rain.

Tales from American healthcare: So far, I’ve spent about $300 in medical care to figure out why I have pain in my right shoulder, which started last summer. After three doctor visits, an x-ray, and a month of physical therapy, it still hurts. My remaining options involve an orthopaedic specialist, probably some injections, and an MRI. The MRI alone will likely cost me another $300. If so, then I better get used to the pain — at least until we (again) change our health plan to up our coverage and make less money.

I lament the latest events in Wisconsin. I don’t consider myself any huge fan of unions, but as the brother and son of teachers, I have some idea of the work they actually do. The Wisconsins governor’s motivations have more to do with politics than fiscal responsibility. The unions had already made the concessions. I wouldn’t blame the people of that state if they burned down the state house for that latest action. They could take a lesson from the Libyan rebels.