School fingerprints parent volunteers

I can’t think of a faster way to devastate someone’s desire to help out than to fingerprint them for security purposes. If Cecelia’s school did this, my tirade wouldn’t stop until the principal was run out of town.

Dear Free-Range Kids: The school district where we live is requiring that all parent volunteers be fingerprinted starting next year.  If you want to help in the classroom at all which the teachers heavily rely on, you have to pay $20 and be fingerprinted.  Same applies for field trip chaperones or moms and dads wanting to go to the Valentine Party for 15 minutes.  My husband takes work off annually to do a presentation at school for kids about bike safety…he will now have to PAY to do this. I think It’s beyond ridiculous and unfortunately the schools are going to lose a lot of free help, including mine.  As others have said….when there are no longer willing adults to support these activities maybe the rules will change. — A Reader

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2 thoughts on “School fingerprints parent volunteers

  1. Pay to volunteer?? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

    And the fingerprint thing… so much more invasive than the standard CORI check. Yikes.

  2. The practice of fingerprinting has been going on for some time here on the east coast due to the number of kidnappings throughout the country. There was little or no objection out here.

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