Socialism for the rich

A very different form of socialism for the rich protects their communities from even the dangers of a free market. A whole array of laws and policies prevents outsiders from buying up property near them, even when these outsiders are ready to pay prices determined by supply and demand, rather than by eminent domain.For example, the “open space” laws that have spread across the country to protect upscale communities represent one of the biggest collectivizations of land since the days of Josef Stalin.Upscale residents say that they have a right to protect “our community.” But not even the rich own the whole community.

Source: Socialism for the rich – Thomas Sowell – Page full

In a very real sense, this is also happening in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. The school board, staffed by wealthy professionals have no issue exacting an ever greater amount of flesh from homeowners to fund an already bloated budget, leaving the town’s working class unable to afford their own homes and to send their kids to those schools.