Howard Stern

Yes, even someone with an intellect as towering as mine listens to someone as “perverse” as Howard Stern. During all the hype for his movie “Private Parts” back in 1997, I decided to give him another chance. I’ve known of Howard Stern since the early days of his career as a jock at WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut, and I remember his campaign to get Paul McCartney released from a Japanese jail after his marijuana bust.

He didn’t stay long in Hartford, and for the next seven years or so, I didn’t hear his show at all until the time I found myself riding a cab in New York City in 1987. Aware he had landed in New York thanks to his appearances on David Letterman, I thought little of his antics. I thought even less of them as my girlfriend and I sat in the back seat subjected to a bit that involved clamping jumper cables on someone’s nipples. What fun.

As an avid college radio listener and a true music enthusiast, I saw Howard more as a threat than anything else. Ten years later, WBCN in Boston picked up the show about the same time as the release of the movie, and I gave in. I’ve listened pretty much every day since then.

I found myself amazed and intrigued not so much by his schtick, but by his infiltration within my own social circle. At first, I only listened from nine o’clock on, which meant I caught a celebrity interview followed by Robin’s news. I still couldn’t take myself away from my morning dose of NPR until they unceremoniously “demoted” Bob Edwards, which caused my affection for the network to diminish. I figured that if the non-profit wanted to start acting like any other commercial media outlet, then I’d treat it as one. I haven’t contributed a dime since and I’ve largely tuned out.

So now, Howard dominates my mornings, except on those days when he takes a break, which lately have increased considerably. When you see me, you’ll notice I have no ass. That’s because I laughed it off listening to Howard.

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