The Amtrak Philly commuting branch! Oh baby…

This idea would take Amtrak right through my town allowing me to travel directly to NYC without a transfer at 30th. I salivate at the prospect. My commuting options by train open up exponentially.

The good news is that there is a place where such a connection could be built. It’s near Woodbourne station on the West Trenton line. South of this station, the West Trenton line tracks pass under the former Pennsylvania Railroad Trenton Cutoff, which connects with the main Northeast Corridor line at Morrisville, just across the Delaware from Trenton. A two-track flyover there from south of the crossover to east of it would allow for the through Commuter Tunnel service Previdi would like to see. Build that, and restore the catenary from the junction to Morrisville, and we’re in business.

via The One Big Problem With Bringing Amtrak to City Hall | News | Philadelphia Magazine.