The bell rarely tolls for anything I care about

From Lenore Skenazy’s excellent blog, Let Grow:

Are we really so fearful of people that we can NEVER open our front door? Even to a woman holding flowers a few days after your grandmother died?This is not the first time this has happened. It’s getting harder to make floral deliveries because people are suspicious of everything. We live in a nice part of town.

I can second the sentiment that it has nothing to do with fear, and more to do with the growing legion of clipboard-carrying, tract-dispensing, service-selling people who do nothing but waste my time and patience. My 13-year-old daughter is under strict orders to never answer the door when the bell rings whether or not I am at home. If my safeguards fail me, and I do answer to one of those people, I am perfectly capable of closing the door in mid-sentence, but I’d just rather not have to. I’m a nice person, and it does not make me happy to appear otherwise, no matter the justification.

Source: Has It Really Become TOO SCARY to Answer the Door? – Let Grow