The death of bootstrapping

The husband became a foreman and made good wages. Or perhaps the store was in an advantageous location that experienced growth over time. Now they have options. Sell the store and use that money to start over but in a better situation. Add on to the store and expand your capacity. Move and rent out the store thus joining the class of people with investment income. In investment terms, this arrangement gave the family good upside potential with limited downside risk. There’s a reason these kind of buildings

Source: Bootstrapping — Strong Towns

Not everyone is cut out to start and run their own business, but this article points to how our society keeps those with talent but no access to capital or connections out of the entrepreneur class. Little businesses can grow into large ones, but not when avalanches of red tape and regulations sap the drive of even the most energetic.

Obstacles to boostrapping have lead to the stratification of our economy, and caused the growth of an ominously destabilizing underclass.