The real purpose of the shutdown

Today’s New York Times actually published a rather perceptive piece about what’s happening in Washington.

But as America becomes more diverse, another population has come more clearly into view: the alienated and disenchanted. These people have embraced a libertarian and anti-government outlook and have little use for what they see as the compromised, impure “big government” conservatism of the Reagan and Bush years.

via The Benefits of Intransigence –

A four trillion dollar government is simply too large, especially when it’s only taking in three trillion. Level headed people may have problems with the tactics (as I do), but the opposition is merely taking the opportunity to force their larger point. Past “compromises” on the growth of government have merely curtailed the rate of spending growth, not actually cutting it back. We are trillions of dollars in debt, and people are rightly concerned. If it takes extreme measures to get the attention of the electorate on this subject, then so be it.