The Trumpening descends upon us

Any economist will say that you can’t give any president a whole lot of blame or credit for the economy’s performance during their administration. For all their power, it’s still pretty much beyond their control. Blaming Obama for the continued sluggish growth is as wrong as it is giving him credit for getting us out of the recession. A potted plant would have accomplished the same results.

You can only tag a president with the tone he or she sets and for instituting policies that will in the very, very long run affect things down the road. This past recession springs from events that took place twenty years ago or more.

And one more thing: Even after eight years, I still don’t get the level of vitriol that people spit at Obama. You will never convince me that there isn’t a racial element to it.

I don’t like him either, but from a historical perspective, he falls right in line with every Democratic president (and some Republicans) since FDR. He comes from a very American liberal tradition, so if you’re going to call him “Dick with Ears” or “Muslim Spy” or worse, you’d better claw back and find some choice ones for Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton (all Titans compared to what we have in front of us today, btw).

I don’t like Obama because he brought us bigger, more powerful government. So will Trump.

I don’t like Obama because he laid waste to more of our civil liberties. So will Trump (he’s all but promised that).

I don’t like Obama because despite his promises of transparency, his administration is among the most opaque ever. Trump is the very embodiment of opaqueness and back-room dealing.

I don’t like Obama because my one expectation for his presidency never came to pass: That Wall Street would fill with rolling heads.

Think Trump, a New York wheeler-dealer whose very brand all-but-sucks from the teat of Wall Street, will meet this justice on behalf of those Americans who suffered at the hands of their deceit?

And yes, I don’t like Hillary for all those reasons as well, but I hesitate to say much about her because for chrissakes, the mainstream alternative is so… much… worse.