This week’s project: Hole in the wall

When we remodeled the kitchen and added a bathroom, we inevitably looked upon the finished work and saw at least a dozen things we either wish we included in the project or thought about over time. This weekend, I finally got around to fixing one “issue” with the kitchen cabinets. One of our cabinets sits in a tight corner next to the sink, and its configuration leaves a cavernous but inaccessible space where we’ve shoved things like Thermos bottles and little used lunch boxes. This huge waste of space also makes us forget the things we store in there.

The nearly finished product. Now I hang a door and paint.

Solution? An access from the other side of the counter. Luckily, this cabinet space backs up against the bar counter we built into the layout. I “simply” tore into the drywall and cut out a space between the studs. Then I had another layer of drywall and the back of the cabinet to cut through. I used a variety of tools, including my trusty, old Black & Decker sabre saw and a Makita Saws-All. Luckily, I didn’t cut though the power lines that run just above that space. I did that once many years ago at my mom’s house and it scared the bejeezus out of me.

Thanks to the new miter saw, I could more-or-less accurately cut moulding for this passway. For me, this was the big challenge and lesson learned. Happily, I did a pretty good job without having to return for another strip to cover for mistakes. All I have left is to paint and to fashion and hang a small door to keep the cats from using the space as a hidden lair.

Next project: Adirondack chair. I just have to find a source for cedar.