Trumpty Dumpty

Trump represents to me everything in my life I have fought against: Ignorance, hypocrisy, greed, and power. I will not let myself or my family be willingly subject to that kind of tyranny if I can help it. 

And the Proudly Ignorant’s railing against the policies of the last eight years is mathematically incorrect. They more correctly need to include the eight years before that, and probably the the sixty years before that. Their vitriol against Obama needs to be measured against the plain and simple fact that he is the natural extension of, like it or not, American liberalism. His administration fits quite neatly within those bounds. For those that seem to target him as some kind of outlier or extremist shows that they are simply out of their minds with blind hatred for lord knows what, if not simple racism.

I’ve said it many times, I don’t like Obama either, but I don’t like him for the right reasons: Because he has expanded government power, trashed more civil liberties, and increased the opacity of the executive branch at the expense of our democracy. But then again, so has almost every one of his predecessors going back to Reagan.

So what does Trumpty Dumpty propose to fix that? More government power, fewer civil liberties, and severely increased opacity. And the Proudly Ignorant seems to see that as a solution.

This is empire in its decline, and you will find me atop the ramparts if it comes to that.