First world problems: New iPhone and no headphone jack

For me, it’s going to be a real pain in the ass.
Yes, finally got the new iPhone 7, mainly because the battery was shot in my iPhone 6 and our contract with Sprint was about to expire. Normally, I don’t second-guess Apple’s decisions like this. Witness what happened when they abandoned the floppy disk and the optical disk: The rest of the industry followed along (mostly). However, the headphone jack seems to me a more personal thing.

I don’t like wires any more than the next guy, but what Geoffrey Fowler says rings too true. With this new setup, you cannot listen and charge at the same time without some kind of extra appendage. Indeed, the forthcoming Fuze charger case looks like the perfect solution, but that will cost at least another $70, which while cheaper than good Bluetooth headphones, is still another added cost to make your iPhone experience complete.

This really inconveniences me when I go to bed as I listen to audio books as I go to sleep. I’ve had to switch to my 5-year-old iPad, which takes up all the space on my nightstand. Yes, it’s a first-world problem, but I hate it when Apple wedges these things in my craw.